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The reticulocyte value is reported in x10 9/L but the ODX software lists reticulocytes as %. How am I to document this?

Unfortunately, you can't document that reticulocyte result in the software because it is an absolute count and not a percentage, which is what we report in the software and in the Functional Health Report (FHR).

Any time you see an actual unit of measurement, in this case, x10 9/L, you are seeing the actual measurement of that biomarker. In the case of reticulocytes, the actual number of reticulocytes counted for a known volume of blood. The % value, while still a measurement for reticulocytes, is expressed as a percentage of reticulocytes in a total of 1000 RBCs.

The reporting of the reticulocyte count in % is the most common way the reticulocyte count is reported. You may want to ask your lab why they do not report this in % as well as in x10 9/L.

If you want to add the absolute count for reticulocytes in the report, we suggest you add them to the "Practitioner Notes" section on the left side of the lab data entry page in the software. You can then select the "Practitioner Note" report to be added to the final FHR.