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AMA Episode 1

Welcome to episode 1 of our new "Ask Me Anything" (AMA) feature.

In this episode, Dicken and Beth Ellen look at the best ways to handle biomarkers that are close to the optimal range and how to handle blood test results that are brought in that are a few months old.

Another question we get a lot is how to interpret blood test results that have limited numbers of biomarkers and how can we use the software in those cases. We finished off with a couple of clinical questions to do with Amylase and Lipase, and finally eosinophils and their relationship, if any, to H. pylori.

New AMA Feature (00:00:00)

AMA Q1 (00:00:45)
What if a patient is close to being outside the functional range how would you interpret that pattern?

AMA Q2 (00:03:42)
What is the time frame that you would consider blood test results clinically relevant?

AMA Q3 (00:07:16)
I get quite a few patients coming with blood work from other doctors and there are often very few biomarkers on these panels compared to what you recommend. How do I use the software for this?

AMA Q4 (00:12:00)
If someone has high amylase and lipase in their blood results - what can this mean?

AMA Q5 (00:16:20)
Will eosinophils be elevated with an H.Pylori infection?

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