Benefits of having a software account over getting your FHR from Evexia

Evexia is a provider of lab services through the Labcorp network. They have a license to produce the reports from the ODX software for their clients that order a qualifying blood test. They have a much older version of the software that produces a very old version of the Functional Health Report. 

All you get from Evexia is a practitioner and patient version of the original Functional Health Report (FHR). Practitioners do not get access to the application itself through their own portal just the report in a PDF format. 

The report must come with the Evexia product line or you pay $5/report to have no product line or a product line from one of our other supplement providers.

Evexia only provides FHRs on qualifying lab tests run through them. They charge $25/lab test to enter lab test results from another lab.

We feel that having your own ODX Software account has its advantages:

  1. You can enter lab tests from any lab company or test results your patients bring you at no extra charge.
  2. We have a direct link-up with Evexia so your Evexia labs can be imported directly into the software so there is no need for the manual entry of lab test data on those tests you run through Evexia and want to import into the ODX software.
  3. We have integrations with additional labs if you have patients that get labs from another lab. You can have more than 1 lab integration with your ODX account.
  4. You can review the Original (we call this the "Classic" report) version of the FHR on the screen prior to selecting to "print" the report in a PDF format. With Evexia, you get the whole report and have no choice to order just a part of the report. With Evexia it's an all-or-nothing solution and the report you get is old!
  5. With an ODX account, you can avail yourself of Dr. Weatherby's Blood Chemistry Reference Manual and the Clinical Dysfunctions Guide built into the software for research and analysis. This guide is constantly being updated with the latest research when new biomarkers are added. 
  6. We are constantly working on updates and upgrades to the software program and as a software subscriber, you get all of these updates and upgrades at no additional cost. We cannot ensure that Evexia's clients will get these upgrades and updates.
  7. We have many more biomarkers built into the ODX platform than Evexia has access to.
  8. You can choose what reports to include in the final FHR you share with your patients. You cannot do that with the Evexia FHR.
  9. With your own ODX Subscription you get access to 2 versions of the FHR:
    1. The Classic Report, which is the original FHR. Evexia has an older version of this report. With Evexia you just get the PDF. With ODX you can view the Classic report on the screen before selecting to create the PDF. You can also choose which of the 18 reports you want to include in the final FHR.
    2. The new "Core" report is an interactive PDF report with built-in links that allow you to move seamlessly around the FHR. Perfect for those practitioners reviewing the FHR with a patient on a screen or tablet or those doing Zoom or remote consults. With ODX you can view the Classic report on the screen and select to create a PDF. The final PDF is an interactive PDF. Evexia does not have this report.
  10. Having a software account gives you full control of every lab test you add into the system and makes it much easier to review historical changes as you add in follow-up tests on your patients.
  11. You can run your FHR with any number of product lines. At evexia you either have to run your FHR with Evexia's product line or pay $5 to have another product line in the FHR
  12. We are working on an integration with another online provider that will handle the supplement protocols that you can create right from your ODX portal. These protocols can be sent right to your patients for easy fulfillment and the supplement protocol information will be added into the Health Improvement Plan as part of your FHR. Evexia will not have this functionality
  13. We are always adding new biomarkers and new calculators that are not in the Evexia system. Here are some that we have added recently:
    • Free T3:Reverse T3 Ratio
    • Triglyceride:HDL Ratio
    • Cholesterol:HDL Ratio
    • ALT:AST ratio
    • HOMA2 (%S, %B and IR)
    • QUICKI
    •  Free T3: Free T4 ratio
    • Free Testosterone
    • Bioavailable Testosterone
    • % Free Testosterone
    • % Bioavailable Testosterone
    • Neutrophil:Lymphocyte Ratio
    • eAG

Plus, we are working on adding Advanced Reports and other interpretive and analytical programs e.g. Functional Signs and Symptoms Analysis into the functionality of the ODX platform. These will go right alongside the blood analysis output. Again, there is no guarantee that Evexia will get any of these.  

We feel that these are enough benefits to warrant you taking a look at the ODX Platform. You can still use Evexia and take advantage of their great pricing AND automatically import results right into the ODX application. You'll be running FHRs in no time!

CLICK HERE to sign up for our 30-day free trial. Don't take our word for it. Try it for yourself!

Please let us know if you have any further questions.