Can I customize the labs viewed in the Comparison Report?

Q: How do I customize a comparison report between 2 labs rather than only being able to compare most recent labs? 

A: At this point in time, the Blood Test Comparison Report will compare the lab test you select to view from the Report Center with the previous test you entered into the software. Let's say you have 5 tests in the system entered in November 2016, December 2016, January 2017, February 2017 and March 2017. If you select to view the March 2017 test then the test it will be compared to will be the February 2017 test. if you select the February 2017 test then the comparison test will be January 2017. 

You may want to view the results using the Lab test History report that will show the test selected in the Report Center and compare it to the previous 6 tests. The same rule as described above for the Blood test Comparison Report applies to the Lab test History Report.


Let's say there are 3 tests in the system. If you want to compare the latest lab test against the 3rd test in the system by date, you can simply adjust the date so that the 3rd test becomes the 2nd and run the comparative report. Not ideal I know but a workaround nonetheless.

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