Can I enter the test results in SI units if I have a US account?

I have a US-based account and "Conventional US Units" are my default setting for inputting the lab data into the software. Can I enter results in Standard International units?

Absolutely! When you set up a lab test in the software you can set the units for data entry on the first page to either Conventional US units, which are your default unit, or Standard International. You do this by clicking the arrow next to "Units:" and a drop-down will appear for you to make your selection:add_labs_units

This will set the lab entry fields for this lab test to the Standard International units for data entry.

You can also run a report in either US or SI units

You do this when you go to the "Core" or  "Classic" Report Centers to generate the report on this test. You can select the unit type you want this report to be in by selecting SI units for the report:report_center_units

This will generate the reports in SI units.

Something to remember: The unit you use to enter the lab test results will always be the ones associated with that particular lab test. However, the Report Center will always default to the Conventional US Units even though the lab test was entered in SI Units.