Can I print the Functional Health report in larger text?

The best way to print a patient report is to use the Print PDF  button at the top of the report. Do not attempt to print from the computer screen as the system was not set up to do this. When you press the Print PDF button a pdf version of the report is created and you are asked to select the name of the file (it defaults to a name but you can change it if you like) and then to save it onto your hard drive.

I suggest that you create a folder on your hard drive to store pdf reports. Ideally, 1 folder would be practitioner reports, and 1 would be patient reports. You would then use Adobe Reader to read those reports and print from there. Adobe Reader is a free software program that is likely already on your computer. if not, you can download from this link:

The reason we chose this route is to get a digital copy of the report onto your hard drive so you would have a digital record of the reports you have created. They can then be emailed or printed as needed.