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Can you provide some clarity on the ODX LH & FSH ranges?

Unfortunately, the software was not designed to handle the variable ranges that exist in female hormones. We had to make a decision as to which phase of the cycle each biomarker range was set to. The ranges for FSH and LH are both set for the Luteal Phase. The estradiol ranges are set for the middle of the menstrual cycle or around day 14. Please review the Reference Guide to read about the ranges used for LH, FHS, and Estradiol.
We are working on being able to adjust ranges based on where in the cycle the blood test was taken. Another issue is that each lab has different ranges for their female hormones and even though they are in a similar range, sometimes they vary greatly. We use the ranges set by Quest Diagnostics. 
Here's a screenshot of a document Dr. Weatherby created comparing the ranges for LH, FSH, and Estradiol for LabCorp, Quest, and Lifelabs (Lifelabs uses SI units for estradiol so they're looking a bit different on the document).
Again, we are working on a way to make adjustments to ranges based on the lab that ran the test.