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Converting between different WBC units


Recently you updated the software to accept three options for units of measurements when entering the WBC values.  The three options are now k/cumm, cells/uL, and x10E3/uL.  When entering our labs in the past we did not have options, there was a standard.  Can you help us understand which unit of measurement is the best option for our local lab which uses the measurement of THOU/uL?   


We use k/cumm in the software for Total WBCs and Absolute values for the individual WBCS. Labs use different units to express the results of these so we built a unit conversion into the data entry page to make it easier for people to choose the unit that appears on their patient's lab results. Beside each of the individual WBCS is a dropdown where they can select k/cumm (the ODX default unit), cells/uL (LabCorp's default unit), and x10-E3/uL

Cells/ul is a unit used by LabCorp for their individual WBCs so we built in a conversion to multiply the result entered by 1000 so it is converted into the unit we use in the software, k/cumm.

x10E3ul is expressing the same result as k/cumm but in a different way. Those results are interchangeable, so need no converting between them.

THOU/ul is the same as saying x10E3/ul, the 10E3 is a way of expressing 1000 so that unit is the same as THOU/ul or 1000/ul.

When you choose one of the dropdowns for entering the unit into the software, we convert the unit, if necessary, but revert back to the default unit (k/cumm) in our reporting. The result will be in the default units even though you may have entered them in using one of the different units from the dropdown. 

I hope that helps!