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If someone gets a DHEA test, vs DHEA-S can we still add it to your report?

The short answer to that is "No"! Unfortunately, DHEA, while ostensibly the same molecule minus the sulfate, is not the same as DHEA-S when it comes time to measure and add the result into the software.

I'm not going to get into the physiological differences because this article does a great job of explaining it.

There are a number of differences to pay attention to:

  1. DHEA is measured in ng/dl whereas DHEA-S is measured in mcg/dl
  2. They both have very different reference ranges as shown by screenshots below from Labcorp and Quest:

DHEA (from LabCorp)

AS you can see below, DHEA has only one range for people 19 years or older:


As you can see below, the DHEA-S has a more varied standard range based on age.