I use conventional Quest lab testing in US and on the units for absolute neutrophil, basophils, monocytes, on my report uses the unit cells/ul. How do I convert them?

Convert cells/ul in the software?

They are the only lab that gives the absolute count in cells/ul rather than using the same unit that they use for Total WBC count, which is k/cumm or thousands/uL. All other labs use the same reference unit for both the Total WBC count and the differential absolute count (k/cumm or thousands/uL), which is what I have used for the reference unit for both in the ODX application. The Quest results for the individual absolute count, if entered directly into the software, will be off by a factor of 1000! In order for results of say Neutrophils - Absolute expressed in cells/ul to be used in the software, the result will need to be divided by 1000. So, 5512 cells/ul becomes 5.512 k/cumm or 5.512 x10E3/ul, which can be entered into the software.
However, with the new WBC calculator, all you need to do is to add in the % values for the individual WBCs and the software will calculate the absolute count for you when you hit "Save".