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In the Blood Test History it shows; HOMA2-%B, HOMA2-%S and HOMA2-IR. What are these?

They do not show up on any of the other reports: Blood Test Results, Comparative Report or Blood Test Score.

The HOMA2 values are a result of an advanced calculator built into the software to help in the assessment of insulin resistance. As I mentioned, these are advanced biomarkers so are not included in the Default Male or Female templates, which is why they did not appear on the blood test result report or the comparative report. They appear on the Historical report because that report shows all biomarkers built into the software.

We have written a number of blog posts about these HOMA2 biomarkers and I recorded an exceptional interview with Dr. Brad Rachman, who has 10 + years of experience using these in his practice. He shows how to use them in your assessments. Links to these below:

If you plan to use HOMA on all FHRs you may want to make these 2 templates your default lab templates:

  • All Male Biomarker Template
  • All Female Biomarker Template

How to Edit Default Lab Template

  1. Go to "My Profile"
  2. Click "Edit"
  3. Scroll down and make the "All Male Biomarker Template" and "All Female Biomarker Template" your defaults.
  4. This will automatically select these templates when adding lab test into the software:


As far as the HOMA2 calculator goes, the system calculates the values from Fasting Glucose, and/or Fasting insulin or C-Peptide. The software preferentially chooses C-Peptide over insulin if both are present.