How can I add test results for biomarkers that are not currently in the software?

By adding them to the Practitioner Notes section

Currently, the software system is set with a pre-determined series of biomarkers that are the most common biomarkers on a blood chemistry and CBC test. We thoroughly evaluate and research every new biomarker we add into the software and this thorough review takes quite a bit of time. Dr. Weatherby weighs adding multiple new biomarkers against the ever-increasing complexity that occurs when biomarkers are put into the system, especially biomarkers that are outside the normal tests the majority of our users are ordering.

In these types of situations, we recommend that you add the result of a biomarker that is not currently in the software into the "Practitioner Notes Section". This is located on the left-hand side of the data entry screen. On that page, you can add practitioner notes. These notes make up the "Practitioner Notes Report", which can be added to the final Functional Health Report.

We keep a list of the "extra" biomarkers our users want to see in the system, so please visit the ODX Support page and let us know that you would like them added to the software.