The New "Ask Me Anything" (AMA) Feature Now Live In ODX Application!

Have clinical questions? Post them to the New AMA section!

We just enabled a brand-new "Ask Me Anything" section in the software available to anyone with an active software subscription. This allows you to submit your clinical questions to us (and vote up other people's questions) so we can do the research for you and get an answer back to you!

How It Works

  1. Submit Your Clinical Questions

    Click the "View and Submit" button on the home dashboard. Write out your question and click "Submit". We'll review the question, contact you for any clarification and post it to the "AMA" section.

  2. Vote Up Other People's Questions

    Search the question list to see if other people have asked a similar question or just review what others have submitted. Want us to respond to that question soon? Vote it up! Other people will vote up your question too so visit often and add your vote.

  3. We'll Answer Questions

    We'll review promising questions with lots of votes and do the research to get you answers. 

  4. We'll Post the Answers to the ODX Knowledge Center

    We'll either write or record the answer and get it posted to the "Your AMA Questions" section of the ODX Knowledge Center. We'll even add a link to the question in the "AMA" section in the software and link it back to the answer.

Please Note: This is for clinical questions and not for questions related to the software itself. Please submit a support ticket on our Support page if you have questions about the software, etc.!

CLICK HERE to visit the AMA Archive!