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What would be possible causes for high homocysteine but low CRP?

If homocysteine is elevated due to a deficiency of B6, B12, or folate, without inflammation, you can see elevated homocysteine without an elevation in CRP.

Homocysteine can be a marker of inflammation and vascular aging in which both CRP and homocysteine can be elevated. Both markers are also independently associated with sarcopenia (generalized loss of muscle and strength). 1

Research on levels of CRP and homocysteine ~6 years after an ischemic stroke noted that survival was better when CRP was maintained at or below 1 mg/L and homocysteine at or below 9 ug/L. 2

Elevations of hs-CRP 1.9 mg/L or greater, combined with homocysteine of 14.65 umol/L or greater, were associated with 1.9 times greater risk of depression three months after ischemic stroke. 3


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