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Why are Quest's Absolute counts for the individual WBCs different than what's in the software?

The issue lies with the way that Quest displays the results for the absolute count of the individual white blood cells in their reports.

They are the only lab that gives the absolute count in cells/ul rather than using the same unit that they use for Total WBC count, which is k/cumm or thousands/uL. All other labs use the same reference unit for both the Total WBC count and the differential absolute count (k/cumm or thousands/uL), which is what I have used for the reference unit for both in the ODX application.

The Quest results for the individual absolute count, if entered directly into the software, will be off by a factor of 1000! In order for results of, say, Neutrophils - Absolute expressed in cells/ul to be used in the software, the result will need to be divided by 1000. So, 5512 cells/ul becomes 5.512 k/cumm or 5.512 x10E3/ul, which can be entered into the software.

However, with the new WBC calculator, all you need to do is to add in the % values for the individual WBCs, and the software will calculate the absolute count for you when you hit "Save"

If you are using the automatic importation of results from Ulta, a lab company that uses Quest, we are not importing the absolute values but instead, importing the % values, allowing the software to do the calculation of absolutes from those values.