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Why don't the LabCorp reference ranges in the software match the reports from LabCorp?

LabCorp Reference Range Discrepancy

The "Standard" ranges we use in the Functional Health Report in the software are from Quest. As such, these ranges may differ slightly from the ranges on your LabCorp reports. At this time these ranges cannot be changed but we are working on a facility to deliver the standard ranges in the Functional Health Report from LabCorp as well as Quest. This requires us to make some major changes to how the reports are built in the software code but we are confident that we will have this available in the next few months. At the time of setting up the lab in the software, you would choose the lab you are using and then the software would use those standard ranges in the Functional Health Report for either LabCorp or Quest depending on the selection.

I know you are probably familiar with how standard lab ranges are formed but it might be worth reading this short article about it. Feel free to also share it with your patients: